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Does this sound okay? How voice tone can improve customer experience

First impressions matter. That's why companies train sales teams and customer service representatives to be courteous and efficient on the phone or in person. However, when a customer goes from the sales process to third party verification, we have a second opportunity to make a great first impression.

Studies show that we learn to interpret voice tone at around seven months old. Brian scans show that our perception of voice tone at that age is actually adult-like. This indicates how deeply ingrained is our ability to sense mood and other factors just from voice inflection.

 Voice tone is processed by a separate part of the brain from that which processes the word's meaning. That's how we can determine a person's mood just by hearing the pitch of their voice. It takes less than ten seconds for a customer to judge a representative's attitude toward them based upon voice tone. 

This is why at Sales Verification Company we train our TPV representatives to speak with a clear and confident cadence. We spend hour on "soft skills" during initial training, and employ voice coaches to monitor and provide ongoing support to our representatives.

Let's not forget that this also happens at our Barranquilla Colombia SVC site.

Don't let sour personal interactions jeopardize your sales efforts. Contact me for a consultation. 

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Taylor Judkin