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TPV Ninja Credit Module Eases Collection Concerns

TPV Ninja is Sales Verification Company’s proprietary web application that has revolutionized the field sales industry.

It’s a smart-phone accessible platform that delivers deal parameters and verification questions via secure link to the customer’s own device. Sales teams no longer need to fumble with triplicate paper contracts or wait on hold for the “next available representative.” The verification is quick and convenient, and offers the supplier unprecedented control of the target customer segment and sales agent activity.

TPV Ninja is now even more powerful with the addition of the Credit Check Module, which allows a quick screening of potential customers that’s especially helpful in markets where the supplier carries the burden of collections.

The Credit Check module relies on the customer input of their own social security number, which is splashed against multiple credit check vendors and bucketed into one of three responses, - yes, no and maybe – under criteria set by the service provider.

The social security number is not stored by TPV Ninja and is not seen by the agent. The process is safeguarded by rigorous data security measures, is PCI Compliant, and aligned with applicable laws and regulations.

Once Sales Verification Company has configured the module for its TPV Ninja client, the process for the sales agent is unchanged. The function is triggered by a simple checkbox in the campaign parameters. After the customer agrees to the service and receives the link to the verification script on their own mobile device, they are prompted to input their social security number.

The credit bureau databases are quickly queried and the resulting information is displayed. The instant soft credit check allows the agent to close the deal, politely decline, or ask for more information to begin a deposit process.

The Credit Module speeds the approval process so your customers go on flow sooner. It also solved the problem of trying to claw back commissions on unqualified customers.

Service providers in credit-required markets are all-too-familiar with the problem: you sign up customers and pay sales commissions, only to later find out the enrollment can't proceed because of a credit issue. Fixing those accounts costs money and increases frustration for everybody.

The TPV Credit Check Module eliminates that issue by providing critical customer data, in parameters set by you, specifically for your campaign. 

The Credit Check Module provides critical customer data under parameters set by you, specifically for your campaign. It’s a powerful verification and screening tool that saves time, money and headaches down the road.

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