Everybody knows that first impressions can last forever. That’s even true with customer relationships, so it’s important to start your customer journeys with positive interactions.

Sales Verification Company’s Welcome Call is a terrific service that adds a personal touch to increase satisfaction, reduce churn, and fully engage your TPV representatives.

Let’s be honest: the customer is often a little apprehensive about signing up with a new service over the phone or at the door. Most consumers receive a lot of pitches from energy suppliers and other service providers. It’s great news when your salesperson breaks through the clutter to get the deal, and it’s critically important to do everything you can to make the customer’s first interaction with your company a positive one.

There are some key differences between the live TPV process and a Welcome call that are often overlooked, so lets examine.

With Third Party Verifications, there are rules and regulations that dictate how it’s done. Scripts must be followed verbatim to ensure customer understanding and agreement to terms. TPV agents are not allowed to chitchat with the customer.

The Welcome Call is a casual conversation that touches on the points you’d like to highlight. You can answer customer’s questions about the product, get feedback on the sales process, or just say hello and welcome to the company. Customers love it!

Inbound TPV calls come in predictable waves of volume throughout the day. Scheduling outbound Welcome Calls during what would otherwise be downtime for the representatives is extremely affordable and a fun change of pace for your team.

Let the Sales Verifications Company start your customer journeys with a simple and powerful statement: “Welcome to the family.” Contact us today.

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