TPV Ninja Dramatically Increases Net Sales

TPV Ninja Dramatically Increases Net Sales

TPV Ninja is a revolutionary field sales tool in streamlining the TPV process for customers at the door. The benefits include paperless delivery of contracts and welcome materials, the customer comfort of performing the TPV on their own device, and perhaps most important, speed to completion.

We are all busy consumers, and even if we want a particular product or service, we only have so much time for the transaction. It’s no fun waiting in checkout lines. TPV Ninja delivers the verification questions immediately via text. No hold times, no mispronunciations by well-meaning live representatives. It’s what customers want.

TPV Ninja delivers a fast and efficient verification experience, and that translates to more net sales. Sales Verification Company sees a significant increase in the reaffirmation rate for our clients using the web-based application. Reaffirmation is the percentage of attempted verifications that successfully get through the process. Gross to net. The higher the conversion rate, the more you can squeeze out of your current sales process.

Using TPV Ninja in the field can increase your output without changing anything except your TPV provider.

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