Third Party Verification Services

Live Operator – Inbound & Outbound Calls

The Sales Verification Company provides professional and affordable live-operator TPV services. Our representatives are trained to deliver our clients’ scripts in a concise and efficient manner, while maintaining a warm and assuring tone that complements the customer experience.

We accept inbound calls from the clients’ sales agents or make outbound calls to the customer upon completion of the transactions. Our state-of-the art systems are designed to accommodate all client needs and regulatory requirements.

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TPV Ninja – A Game-Changer for the Industry
Sales Verification Company has developed a web-based tool that sets a new standard of security and customer convenience for in-person verifications. It’s called TPV Ninja, and it was built specifically to address modern customer-experience expectations and to increase accessibility to product offers.

The process combines an in-person sales call with a round-trip electronic communication between the customer’s smart device or computer and TPV Ninja secure servers. TPV Ninja operates primarily through Text/SMS, including advanced security and anti-fraud features that exceed current security standards.

The results are tighter control of the sales process, shorter verification times and a reassuring customer experience.

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Automated Voice Response TPV 

Our automated third party verification solutions provide an efficient and affordable solution to our budget-conscious clients. Prompt-activated scripts are also a great alternative for lower-volume or sporadic campaigns, as our self-serve system offers our clients flexibility and full control over their programs.

Our automated TPV system provides a wide range of options, including live-operator review of recordings and stand-by availability to assist customers in the queue.

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Immediate Access to Verification Recordings

All verifications are digitally recorded and accessible instantly over the phone and through our web client portal. We provide on-demand access for a year, archive redundant backup copies for 10 years, and can deliver recordings to our clients through a variety of technical solutions. 

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