TPV Ninja Adds Paperless Fulfillment Function


TPV Ninja, the groundbreaking application that’s transforming the door-to-door sales channel, just got even better.

Now the web-based third party verification tool features a paperless solution to deliver critical onboarding documents directly to the customer. Terms and conditions, videos, or any other “what to expect” material is delivered to their personal device immediately after the verification process.

The new DMS (Document Management System) streamlines the entire business workflow, saving time, money and speeding a brand-building relationship.

Here is how it works:

1. Sales Verification Company uploads all your welcome documents into TPV Ninja’s DMS.
2. The customer completes the TPV process via text or email on their own smart device.
3. TPV Ninja then sends all the documents to your new customer, creating a fully digital enrollment workflow.

Sending digital welcome kits also entices the customer to provide a valid email address, which can be a valuable asset for ongoing communications. No more
“noname@gmail” clogging up your system.

The TPV Ninja paperless solution increases the efficiency and cost savings of an already-impressive verification tool. Call
today for a full demo.