SVC Express Will Transform Your TPV

The Sales Verification Company, a leading innovator in the third party verification industry, is proud to announce the arrival of SVC Express.

Your job just got easier.

SVC Express is a proprietary application that allows automated setup and management of TPV campaigns, and offers a never-before-seen level of reporting customization.

We’ll provide you a robust and user friendly dashboard to manage your account’s activity –

  • Create various custom reports without development charges
  • Enter scripts and manage updates for immediate notification for review and push to TPV floor
  • Drag and drop custom report fields from 50+ data points
  • Chart and graph displays of key statistics
  • Manage your sales team efficiently through real-time TPV data
  • Enter and manage vendors, agents, and products

With SVC Express, your TPV management takes a giant leap forward. No more phone tag with your Account Manager, incurring custom development charges, or cutting and pasting spreadsheets to provide reporting for your management team.

Actionable data, when you want it.

The Sales Verification Company also provides the benefits of our latest system upgrade, which includes a scrolling-screen experience for our TPV representatives, and several auto-population and auto-correct data points throughout the script. The innovations save you time and money by creating faster, more confident representatives, and a more pleasant experience for your customers.

Cut management time and increase efficiency. Jump on board the SVC Express!

Contact us today to learn more.

Coming Soon: The SVC Express Mobile App

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