Sales Integrity Services

We offer the finest live operator third party verification in the industry, complementing our clients’ sales process and ensuring complete customer understanding. But our pursuit of quality doesn’t begin and end with an inbound phone call. Our clients can now deploy new tools to supplement the standard TPV process.

PCI Compliance: The Sales Verification Company has completed all necessary requirements associated the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) designation. We are recognized by the major credit card brands as a PCI-validated Level 1 Service Provider.

PCI Compliance allows us to receive and safeguard sensitive payment card information as part of its customer engagement process. The designation also conveys to current and future clients the company’s eagerness to expand its service offerings.

svcf-1The Welcome Call: The Sales Verification Company can make outbound welcome calls to the customer to verify any details of the sales transaction, or to simply provide an additional touchpoint prior to enrollment. We can tailor a script specifically to our clients’ needs, of course, and cover everything from sales agent interactions to gathering customer referrals.

Live Quality Control Monitoring: As our clients know, live monitoring of outsourced telemarketing sales organizations is an essential internal check to maintain compliance and sales quality. The Sales Verification Company can also perform live monitoring of our clients’ vendors, supplementing internal resources and providing a second set of ears. We’ll monitor calls against a client-specified list of requirements, providing documented quantitative and quantitative feedback.

Quality Control Calls: The Sales Verification Company can also make random inbound calls to an outsourced telemarketer to verify details of the sales pitch. Working from a pre-approved client checklist, we’ll make sure that our clients’ sales teams are representing their products and terms accurately every time.

All of the above quality checks are fully documented and immediately actionable, pushed through our web portal for easy retrieval.

At The Sales Verification Company, we share our clients’ mission to ensure complete customer understanding of their products and services. A standard TPV call can be supplemented by a variety of outbound and live-monitoring quality checks. Our Account Managers and technical teams are ready to discuss our clients’ needs and implement tailor-made solutions.

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