Live Operator TPV

The Sales Verification Company provides the finest third party verification service in the industry. We are responsive to our clients’ needs, design custom campaigns, and provide cost-efficient solutions to complement the sales process.

But at the top of that pyramid is our greatest and most-protected attribute: quality. In live-operator TPV, that means finding the sweet spot between delivering a warm, personal interaction and maintaining sharp efficiency to keep the numbers in line.

svcf-8Our representatives are trained and continually coached on delivering their scripts in a clear-voiced, courteous manner. It’s what our clients expect and what we demand from ourselves. While we maintain our mission of neutrality in verifying the sale, we also understand that we are part of the total customer experience, and we take pride in our  “soft skills,”  — the art of communication that is the hallmark of live operator TPV.

While our services are priced by the minute, we’re not on the phone to answer questions, complete the sale or chat about the weather. We are vigilant in keeping our clients’ costs as low as possible, utilizing talk time coaches and mentoring our TPV representatives on ways to reduce “dead-air” time and work efficiently.

Watching The Numbers

In the end, TPV is a numbers game. We track the health of our business and the service to our clients through a variety of statistics. Talk time, time to answer, and verifications per hour are among the performance metrics by which we measure our value.

Relatively small improvements in any one area can make The Sales Verification Company a more cost-effective option than our competitors. And we know the levers to pull to maximize our clients’ investment.

We have a team of monitors who score a significant percentage of calls from each client market. We also have a monitor who evaluates a sampling of the Rejected calls from each campaign, looking for patterns or areas of customer confusion.

That data is funneled back to the client through our Account Managers, and together they implement adjustments to the scripting or operations process, raising sales agent effectiveness and improving efficiency.

At The Sales Verifications Company, we approach our clients’ campaigns in a spirit of partnership, offering our unrivaled dedication and years of experience to create a TPV environment that is reliable, efficient, responsible and accurate.

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