Custom Solutions

The Sales Verification Company prides itself on state-of-the art technical systems that are adaptable to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We can provide marketing and sales campaign support beyond our primary verification services, as our web-based transaction capability and live voice service can be tailored to your needs. Consider:

svcf-4Automated Data Collection

Our systems and applications can be modified to collect reports from field service personnel or responses to marketing surveys. We can record the caller’s voice and/or numerical responses to automated voice prompts. This information can accessed by in real time or immediately conveyed to our clients’ systems.

Live Data Processing

Our professional and courteous operators are ready to accept sales responses from direct marketing campaigns such as mail infomercials, and TV advertising. We can present upsell opportunities and provide our answers to frequently asked questions. The Sales Verification Company can provide our clients with a single order collection point for all of our client’s marketing activity, and even  interact directly with a fulfillment provider.

Customized Reports

Our clients can choose from a wide variety of data capture fields and response metrics to create customized reports, Our team of account managers assist in data analysis, actively participating in our clients’ efforts to streamline operations and maximize investment.

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