Customized Reports and Data Collection Improve TPV

27110162_sHere at the Sales Verification Company, we know that every client has different needs. That’s why we offer customized reports to so many customers. When clients use customized reports, they are able to process data points quickly and effectively, while utilizing the information most applicable to their industry.

Another aspect of report customization is rapid data collection. We provide TPV data in real-time through systems like SVC Express. This system allows our clients to access their information immediately and create customized metrics from these data points.

An example of important data points from which many of our clients create custom reports includes:

• Talk time
• Call volume
• Verified calls
• Dropped calls
• Rejected sales
• Good sales
• Sales agent performance

All of this information can be considered in a variety of ways, from comparison charts to bar and pie charts. When customers can manipulate information directly, they are able to process the reports that are most applicable to them and their own industry metrics.

Additionally, customers can easily do A/B testing utilizing the many custom metrics and the real-time data provided. This allows them to evaluate the efficacy of a campaign and can easily save marketing or sales dollars.

For more information on our custom reporting options, contact us today.

Regulators Push Toward Increased Verification

In an ongoing effort to increase consumer protection safeguards in the retail energy industry, two regulatory entities have recently floated a double-verification requirement.

5535502_sIn a recent hearing of the Illinois Commerce Commission concerning new rules for the retail electric marketing and disclosure rules, two Administrative Law Judges proposed the need for both a letter of agency (LOA) and a third party verification for “in-person” solicitation of a residential or small commercial customer.

This draft order comes on the heels of a proposal by the District of Columbia Public Service Commission last fall, which also called for a double verification requirement for door-to-door sales.

In that case, the PSC proposal would add the need for a written LOA within five days of a sale conducted over the telephone, and a recorded TPV in addition to the signed contract for an in-person sale.

Not surprisingly, retail marketers responded negatively to the proposals, insisting that the requirements would be impossible to execute effectively and would increase customer confusion.

Regardless of how and in what form the new proposals are implemented, it’s clear that the shift in the energy sector is toward increased verification procedures. Contact Sales Verification Company today to learn about how our products and services can protect your sales initiative.

How to Save Money on Third Party Verification

Your third party verification function is critical for sales quality and consumer protection. As sales volumes increase and your company expands, TPV costs can begin to add up. But don’t be tempted to skimp on TPV. It’s too important to the long-term health of your sales initiative.

40641165_sHere are four ways that you can work with us Sales Verification Company to lower your costs and get a bigger bang for your buck:

Try automated solutions
Automated third party verification services are a great way to go when you are on a tight budget. Our system gives you the ability to take advantage of volume pricing, with no call minimums and no monthly fees or setup charges. If you are uncertain about how much traction you’ll get on a new product, our automated solution might be the perfect fit.

Take Advantage of Tracking Systems
At Sales Verifications, we constantly strive to create a more efficient team. We can track key metrics which will allow you to identify trouble spots or tighten the script. We provide information on call length, hold times, dropped calls, verified calls, rejected sales, and more. Utilize our systems to find greater insights into your campaign.

Utilize our Logic Team
If you need to create a tighter script, utilize our years of TPV experience. Run your new script by our logic team and allow us to help you build a better script that can be delivered rapidly.

Get Talk Times Down and Verifications Up

We have a team of monitors who evaluate rejected calls and find patterns and areas of customer confusion. This feedback loop allows us to get the talk time down while increasing the number of verified calls. We work to optimize our client’s call times and grow the number of verified calls as a matter of course.

Here at Sales Verification Company, we work with clients on a budget every day. If you are interested in finding out how we can save you money while still providing you with excellent TPV services, contact us today.

‘TPV Ninja’ Provides Field Sales Teams Valuable Tool

Sales Verification Company, in partnership with software company Workware Solutions, have launched a game-changing TPV Web tool. Below is the press release.

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Sales Verification Company, a leading innovator in the third party verification industry, is proud to announce a dynamic, money-saving new product designed to dramatically streamline the verification process in the field.

Developed in partnership with Clearwater-based software company Workware Solutions, and licensed exclusively to Sales Verification Company, the “TPV Ninja” tool provides real-time results from door-to-door sales teams with unparalleled levels of security.

“TPV Ninja is a game-changer for the verification industry,” Sales Verification Company President Jono Lo Bue said. “Never before has there been a tool available to field sales teams that provides this level of convenience, security and savings of both time and money.”

TPV Ninja is a web-based application that field representatives can access through their own smart devices, eliminating the need for special hardware. The process is conducted through a simple data entry that generates an email or text link directly to the customer. The customer then answers a series of verification questions on their device and provides a wet signature that is sent back electronically through the client-specific portal in real-time. Verifications are archived as PDFs and can be retrieved immediately.

Safeguards include precise time stamps, geo-tagging of the order to verify customer addresses, and additional advanced anti-slamming protocols.

“The industry has been evolving toward a solution like this for several years,” Lo Bue said, “but nothing has succeeded like TPV Ninja. We’re very excited to pair this product with our live verification options and provide a full suite of products to suit any verification need.”

About Sales Verification Company: Sales Verification Company is located in Clearwater, Fla., and provides both live operator and automated TPV platforms. The company also provides a wide variety of sales integrity services including welcome calls, live monitoring and quality control outreach.

About Workware Solutions:
Workware Solutions is located in Clearwater, FL and is the leader in Web TPV software solutions designed specifically for the energy industry.

New Vendor Relations Position Boosts Service

Blog 2Very few TPV companies provide a solution for sales vendors to reach the company directly. Traditionally, the vendor has to call the product supplier (which generally has contracted the TPV service) if they have a question, comment, or critique for the TPV company. The supplier then reaches out to the verification company, creating a frustrating “Who’s on First” situation for all involved.

At Sales Verification Company, we’ve recognized this problem and are resolving it by appointing Monique Scoglietti as our new Vendor Relations Manager. Monique has been working with SVC since 2007. She knows our system, staff, and suppliers well and is able to navigate TPV issues for our vendors with ease.

“I have worked with our company for eight years and have had the pleasure of working with most of the staff, whether it has been side-by-side or through email communications,” Monique said when her new position was announced to the SVC staff. “Throughout my years here I have grown not only as a person, but as a team player for the company and will continue to do so moving forward. I will be responsible for ensuring our vendors are being taken care of – and provide very good service.”

Monique has been a team player since she started working here at SVC. We are confident that she will fulfill her role as Vendor Relations Manager with the same skill and courtesy she has accorded her previous positions.

The new Vendor Relations Manager position will provide many benefits to our customers. We will now be able to work directly with vendors to improve sales processes, TPV, and warm down. We are able to correct administrative issues rapidly without going through the supplier and provide immediate answers regarding rejected TPV.

More than anything, however, this position provides vendors with an advocate. Our vendors and our suppliers are extremely important to us and we want everyone we work with to be able to reach out to us easily, without the typical runaround so common in our industry.

Contact us t​oday and find out how Sales Verification Company’s expertise can bring your TPV to a new level.

Seven Tips for Leveraging Sales Integrity Services

Blog 1Here at Sales Verification Company, we utilize sales integrity services like PCI compliance, live quality control monitoring and many other functionalities. These functions allow us to ensure complete customer understanding of our clients’ products and services.

Quality control measures allow us to align our goals with those of our clients and provide clients with the tools to stay a cut above the competition. Here’s how you can utilize sales integrity services to make your company a preferred provider among customers:

1. Make sure PCI compliance is in place. Our PCI compliance allows us to receive and safeguard payment information. This means that customers feel comfortable working with us and entrusting us with their most sensitive and secure information. This level of trust boosts your company’s ability to gain and maintain customer loyalty.

2. Utilize welcome calls to build customer trust and loyalty. By welcoming a customer to your service and acting as an additional touchpoint, we are able to find out about sales agent interactions, gain referrals, or simply make your customer feel more secure about your service.

3. Practice live monitoring of outsourced telemarketing. Live monitoring of client vendors can provide valuable feedback on scripts, vendor skills, and vendor relations. Make sure you are being properly represented by vendors to whom you outsource.

4. Be sure internal checks and balance systems are in place. We have internal quality control systems which ensure we stay on-script and maintain excellence in our interactions with your customers.

5. Utilize A/B testing on welcome calls. By trying different scripts your company can find a balance between customer loyalty and sales upgrades that every company seeks.

6. Improve sales quality. Using quality control calls can help you understand where your sales quality can improve and the value of different scripts. If your outsourced telemarketing is not performing as well as you would like or if the A/B testing appears inconclusive, the issue may be with the script. Doing live calls can provide vital insight into the efficiency of a script. Is the script being utilized properly and delivered as per instructions? Once gathered, this information will affect whether the script is kept or modified.

7. Garner customer understanding. Another fantastic use of the welcome call is to help a customer understand all of the benefits of the service he or she has purchased. This helpful outreach works to maintain customer faith and may increase their likelihood of providing your company with an excellent review.

Implementing sales integrity services to improve the customer experience and refine techniques helps build a happy and loyal customer base. We share your mission: to provide complete customer understanding of your products and services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you leverage these important services.

Strengthen Your Business with Live Quality Control

16506093_sQuality control has been an industry best practice for many reasons. It helps ensure scripts are useful, keeps phone operators on-task, and allows the company to perform internal audits. Quality control goes beyond monitoring calls and gaining peace of mind. There are several uses for the information collected during live quality control monitoring.

Common weak spots in a script can be spotted through live quality control. Our staff have been trained to find and probe these holes to discover every aspect of the deficiency before reporting it to the client. The client can then revise the script and repair flaws.

Details, Details, Details
Our clients know that getting every detail right is a crucial part in both training and compliance. By providing a second set of ears, we can make sure all details are right at the beginning, preventing bad habits or poor training practices from taking root.

External Benchmarks
Internal quality control checks allow our clients to look at even more options for getting ahead of the competition. By knowing sales and other calls are being held to the highest standard, they can look forward to new options for distinguishing themselves in their field.

Quantitative Feedback
A company may have the feeling that something is off about their compliance standards. Live quality control monitoring allows them to have access to rapid feedback that they can quantify and use. This allows for improvement in staff training and provides benefits to the employees and management alike.

Quality control isn’t only about training and error correction. It can also be used as a way to reward excellence among employees utilizing best practices.

Live quality control monitoring is fantastic way to improve and maintain your high standards. It might even be the key to help your business out-perform the competition. Contact us today for more information on how Sales Verification Company can help bring your business to the top.

TPV Recordings Provide Variety of Benefits

Sales Verification Company has built recording functionality into both live and automated Third Party Verification calls. Our clients can access these recordings instantly, both over the phone and through our web client portal. We provide on-demand access to the recordings for a year and keep archived backups for 10 years.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.28.41 AMThe first reason that comes to mind for all this technology and effort is to provide “proof” of the verification in case of dispute or misunderstanding. But there are many reasons why our clients and account managers routinely work with the recordings and find them so valuable.

1. Ongoing Training
Recorded calls can be instructive in the training of our clients’ salespeople. If the customer still has questions or concerns once they are at the TPV stage, the salesperson helping him or her may not have done a thorough job in explaining the product. Hearing a recorded call and listing common customer concerns will help our clients refine their training methods and teach their representatives how to handle customer questions completely and efficiently.

2. Refining Scripts
Even the best scripts can be improved. By reviewing recorded TPV sessions with the experienced ears of our SVC account managers, our clients discover where the script could be tightened to keep the call time down and the customer happy.

3. Clearing Disputes or Misunderstanding
If a customer expresses concern after the TPV process, it begins as a “he said, she said” situation. This is the case in any type of customer interaction, from sales to TPV to customer service. The call recording provides an accurate account of what really happened during a conversation. Not only does this sort out the immediate customer concern, it also empowers the agent to make adjustments so similar incidents do not occur again.

4. Quality Assurance
When it comes down to it, our clients are paying for a quality TPV service and all that entails: adherence to the script, technical proficiency, and warm human tone. Call recordings allow our clients to listen to the service they are receiving and deepen their understanding of process.

5. Legal Verification

TPV is not only required for specific businesses in many states, it is an excellent way to show that your company did its diligence if a billing dispute comes up. Third Party Verification provides reliable documentation of orders and transactions and allows companies to avoid many potential legal issues.

Sales Verification Company deploys the latest call-center technology and takes pride in its representatives, all in an effort to provide our clients the finest in third party verification services. Contact us today for a consultation.

How to Cut Third Party Verifications Costs by Filling the Dreaded “Dead Air” Times

At Sales Verification Company, our goal is to provide our clients and their customers with an excellent experience. This requires a balance of “soft skills” and statistical efficiency.

SVC-Sept2015Time is money for all involved, so we work hard to keep our talk times down by minimizing the “dead air” of a verification call.

There are natural, conversational pauses, of course, which are a beneficial part of the human-touch experience of live TPV. But there are also unintended, unnecessary occasions of complete silence which can occur when a representative loses their place on a script or has to search for something which should have been at their fingertips.

Dead air can be cut out of a phone call through preparation and diligence. Here is how we prevent those blank silences from dragging out a call, costing both time and money:

Train, Train Train
We take the time to train each and every Sales Verification Company representative both in their overall job approach and the specific script they will be using. This extra time and investment on our side pays off for the customer in the end.

Even when one is trained as a third party verification representative, he or she still has to learn new scripts. This is done by drilling the script until the operator can deliver it to the client flawlessly, with a clear voice, pleasant manner, and at an efficient pace.

Industry Understanding
Reciting a script isn’t always enough to clearly communicate. At SVC, we make sure our phone operators truly understand the regulatory requirements or brand motivation behind the script, and the concepts they must communicate once a caller is on the line. Real industry knowledge is always obvious to the customer, and it results in a more authoritative and reassuring TPV experience.

Another cause of “dead air” is the phone operator scrambling to access the right computer screen. We take make sure our representatives prepare their workstations appropriately and know how to access the required programs immediately. This cuts down any lag between words and action, reducing dead air.

At Sales Verification Company, we constantly work to become more competent and efficient, allowing our clients to maximize their investment. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Does This Sound Okay? How Voice Tone Can Improve Customer Experience

First impressions matter. That’s why companies train their sales teams and customer service representatives to be courteous and efficient on the phone or in person. However, when a customer goes from the sales process to third party verification, we have a second opportunity to make a great first impression.

42201577_sThere are many ways one can make an excellent impression over the phone. A company can reduce hold times, be courteous, and follow a well-laid out script. But all of these factors will fly out the window if the voice on the other end of the phone carries has a hostile, apathetic, or bored tone of voice.

Studies show that we learn to interpret voice tone at around seven months old. Brain scans show that our perception of voice tone at that age is actually adult-like. This indicates how deeply ingrained is our ability to sense mood and other factors just from voice inflection.

Voice tone is processed by a separate part of the brain from that which processes the words’ meaning. That’s how we can determine a person’s mood just by hearing the pitch of their voice. It takes less than ten seconds for a customer to judge a representative’s attitude toward them based upon voice tone.

This is why at Sales Verification Company we train our TPV representatives to speak with a clear and confident cadence. We spend hours on “soft skills” during initial training, and employ voice coaches to monitor and provide ongoing support to our representatives.

Don’t let sour personal interactions jeopardize your sales efforts. Contact us today for a consultation.