TPV Ninja Adds Paperless Fulfillment Function


TPV Ninja, the groundbreaking application that’s transforming the door-to-door sales channel, just got even better.

Now the web-based third party verification tool features a paperless solution to deliver critical onboarding documents directly to the customer. Terms and conditions, videos, or any other “what to expect” material is delivered to their personal device immediately after the verification process.

The new DMS (Document Management System) streamlines the entire business workflow, saving time, money and speeding a brand-building relationship.

Here is how it works:

1. Sales Verification Company uploads all your welcome documents into TPV Ninja’s DMS.
2. The customer completes the TPV process via text or email on their own smart device.
3. TPV Ninja then sends all the documents to your new customer, creating a fully digital enrollment workflow.

Sending digital welcome kits also entices the customer to provide a valid email address, which can be a valuable asset for ongoing communications. No more
“noname@gmail” clogging up your system.

The TPV Ninja paperless solution increases the efficiency and cost savings of an already-impressive verification tool. Call
today for a full demo.

‘All Hands on Deck’ Approach Keeps Hold Times in Line

The mark of an expert in any field is an uncanny sense for the way events will unfold. It comes with experience, and there is no substitute for it in reaching your goals or running a sharp operation.

12912632_mThird party verification is no different. At Sales Verification company, we’ve become very proficient at predicting incoming call volumes. Our Account Managers keep in close touch with our clients’ sales managers, so they know which campaigns are active and at what strength. That allows us to schedule our staff to meet call demand, ramping up and down throughout the day. Our approach keeps client costs low and employee engagement high. There’s no sitting around.

Sometimes, however, call volumes spike unexpectedly. That’s not always a bad thing, because it means that business is good for the client. But it also means that hold times can increase. Avoiding customer and client frustration means a quick adjustment and an all-hands-on-deck approach.

The training process for all of our staff starts with the basics of fielding incoming calls and guiding a customer through a script. Regardless of whether the employee is on track for an eventual administrative or management position, we believe that it’s necessary for everybody understand the fundamentals of how we do business and to pitch in on a moment’s notice.

Since all of our staff has experience working the phones, we have enough to handle the extra call volume. Once hold times exceed a certain threshold, the “reserve squad” takes the field and gets response times back in line. This means we can handle peak volumes without any major interruption.

We understand just how important it is to move from closing the sale to verification in a timely manner. Neither customers nor sales agents have time to be kept waiting.

Here at The Sales Verification Company, we take pride in driving innovation in the sales verification call center industry. Our services provide a premium verification experience that is second to none for energy suppliers located in Houston, New York and anywhere coast-to-coast. Contact us today for a consultation and see just how much better your verifications can be.

Remote Monitoring Can Save Your Brand

Many companies employ outsourced organizations to boost their sales efforts or handle the customer care function. It’s a simple matter of resources: easier to hire a professional than to try to do everything yourself.

gearBut how do you really know if your sales team or customer care group is representing your brand and products in a way that makes you proud? There’s a lot at stake. Remote monitoring is the answer.

Most companies listen in occasionally on their vendors, and spot checks can certainly be effective in keeping everything running smoothly. But more often it’s the concept of continued random, remote monitoring that’s keeps the vendors in line. Again, it often comes down to resources, and most companies can’t afford as many hours as they’d like devoted to monitoring.

Sales Verification Company can supplement your monitoring efforts. It’s a simple solution to improve customer services and telesales efficiency and prevent systematic breakdowns that lead to unpleasant customer experiences.

Call monitoring works by having our third party quality assurance team plug into our client’s vendor and monitor the calls as they progress. We can ensure that your script and regulatory guidelines are followed, and make note of any trends of customer reaction or other areas in need of improvement.

This quantitative and qualitative data is provided back to the client through their Account Manager, along with professional suggestions on ways to improve the customer experience.

With live monitoring feedback from Sales Verification Company, our clients can:

— Address issues with employees that will improve their phone skills.

— Look for fundamental issues that can be addressed by the management team.

— Create internal policies and training programs to improve vendor performance and enhance customer experience.

By proactively working with Sales Verification Company, you can get ahead of any major trends, improving the customer experience and significantly improving customer retention. Contact us to learn more.

TPV Ninja Packs Serious Security Punch

lockforweb-01Sales Verification Company, a leader in live operator and automated third party verification services, has developed a web-based tool that sets a new standard of security and customer convenience for in-person verifications.

TPV Ninja was built specifically to address modern customer-experience expectations and increase accessibility to product offers. The process combines an in-person sales call with a round-trip electronic communication between the customers smart device or computer and TPV Ninja secure servers.

TPV Ninja operates primarily through Text/SMS, including advanced security and anti-fraud features that exceed current security standards. The result are tighter control of the sales process, shorter verification times and a reassuring customer experience.

The Process:

Point 11. Customer Contact: Once a consumer agrees to the product or service, their contact information and product choice is input into the sales agent’s mobile. The customer electronically signs that device with permission to receive a text/SMS or email on their own device in order to complete the verification.

2. Customer Verification: The customer then receives a link to download the contact and product information for review.

point 3.33. Order Confirmation: Once the customer answers the verification questions, electronically signs and submits, they receive a confirmation message and follow-up communication with links to download T&Cs.

point 44. Data Capture: From backend servers, sales vendors and suppliers can view order detail including signature match, geocoding, and IP addresses from the representative and customer.

TPV Ninja provides a safe and reliable verification experience through modern communication tools customers have come to expect.

Security Features

– eSign and UETA Compliant
– SSL certificate encryption
– All data stored on dedicated servers only accessible via private cloud LAN
– Protected against XSS/SQL injection attacks
– Database records and PDF contracts stored on Amazon S3 cloud (read only)
– Web TPVs generated with unique 15-digit hexa-decimal security token

Anti-Fraud Protection

– GEO-Mapping (customer and agent must be located within specific terrtitories)
– DNC list scrub
– Duplicate IP Address Check (agent and customer using different devices)
– Presale Customer Checks (preventing re-enrollment)
– All Campaigns Preloaded (agent cannot alter price or term)

TPV Ninja provides a safe and reliable verification experience through modern communication tools customers have come to expect. Contact us today to find out how this groundbreaking tool can work for you.

Welcome Calls Lay Strong Brand Loyalty Foundation

Third party verification is an essential element of the sales process. It cements the buying decision and goes a long way toward eliminating future customer misunderstanding. It’s also, by design, fairly impersonal.

16506093_sThe TPV script is built on regulatory and legal requirements. There are several questions that need answers, and the customer’s time is valuable. Our representatives are clear, concise and as friendly as possible, but in the end the third party verification call is a streamlined process.

But Sales Verification Company services don’t necessarily end with “thank you, goodbye.” Our follow-up Welcome Call service goes a long way in building long-term brand loyalty.

Speaking with the customer about their experience helps to smooth out any buyer’s remorse or nagging questions that might linger from the sales process. Giving them an opportunity to provide feedback or get a quick answer can be the first steps of a genuine customer relationship. In fact, the Welcome Call can be so appreciated that it’s often relayed to family and friends and can lead to referral business. Our TPV representatives also gather relevant data and identify trends in the customer sales experience, passing that back to the client through their Account Manager.

It may seem an afterthought, but Welcome Calls from Sales Verification Company show the customer you are willing to go that extra mile for them. It’s a brand-building investment that pays long-term dividends.

Contact us for more information on our other ancillary customer services.

Live Monitoring Enhances TPV Function

Sales Verification Company offers the finest live operator third party verification in the industry, complementing our clients’ sales process and ensuring complete customer understanding. Not only is TPV required in many industries, it’s also a common-sense investment in customer satisfaction and a guard against future dispute.

9461363_sOur pursuit of quality doesn’t begin and end with a verification phone call, however. Our clients can also utilize our expertise and state-of-the art systems to supplement the standard TPV process and reduce internal staffing burdens.

Live, quality control monitoring of sales vendors is a common practice for alternate energy suppliers and other product providers. But devoting staff to long hours of listening at their desks or in an empty conference room is a costly proposition. Allowing Sales Verification Company representatives to schedule this service cuts your costs and standardizes both qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Our quality assurance team plugs into a client’s telephony system and monitors sales calls as they progress, ensuring that the script and regulatory guidelines are adhered to, and making note of any trends of customer reaction or other areas in need of improvement. Account Managers report back to the client, and can provide recorded examples of their findings.

This check and balance protects the client from any potential snags with compliance, and provides an objective review of script performance and product receptiveness.

At Sales Verification Company, we share our clients’ mission to ensure complete customer understanding of their products and services. A standard TPV call can be supplemented by a variety of outbound and live-monitoring quality checks. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and implement tailor-made solutions.

Customized Reports and Data Collection Improve TPV

27110162_sHere at the Sales Verification Company, we know that every client has different needs. That’s why we offer customized reports to so many customers. When clients use customized reports, they are able to process data points quickly and effectively, while utilizing the information most applicable to their industry.

Another aspect of report customization is rapid data collection. We provide TPV data in real-time through systems like SVC Express. This system allows our clients to access their information immediately and create customized metrics from these data points.

An example of important data points from which many of our clients create custom reports includes:

• Talk time
• Call volume
• Verified calls
• Dropped calls
• Rejected sales
• Good sales
• Sales agent performance

All of this information can be considered in a variety of ways, from comparison charts to bar and pie charts. When customers can manipulate information directly, they are able to process the reports that are most applicable to them and their own industry metrics.

Additionally, customers can easily do A/B testing utilizing the many custom metrics and the real-time data provided. This allows them to evaluate the efficacy of a campaign and can easily save marketing or sales dollars.

For more information on our custom reporting options, contact us today.

Regulators Push Toward Increased Verification

In an ongoing effort to increase consumer protection safeguards in the retail energy industry, two regulatory entities have recently floated a double-verification requirement.

5535502_sIn a recent hearing of the Illinois Commerce Commission concerning new rules for the retail electric marketing and disclosure rules, two Administrative Law Judges proposed the need for both a letter of agency (LOA) and a third party verification for “in-person” solicitation of a residential or small commercial customer.

This draft order comes on the heels of a proposal by the District of Columbia Public Service Commission last fall, which also called for a double verification requirement for door-to-door sales.

In that case, the PSC proposal would add the need for a written LOA within five days of a sale conducted over the telephone, and a recorded TPV in addition to the signed contract for an in-person sale.

Not surprisingly, retail marketers responded negatively to the proposals, insisting that the requirements would be impossible to execute effectively and would increase customer confusion.

Regardless of how and in what form the new proposals are implemented, it’s clear that the shift in the energy sector is toward increased verification procedures. Contact Sales Verification Company today to learn about how our products and services can protect your sales initiative.

How to Save Money on Third Party Verification

Your third party verification function is critical for sales quality and consumer protection. As sales volumes increase and your company expands, TPV costs can begin to add up. But don’t be tempted to skimp on TPV. It’s too important to the long-term health of your sales initiative.

40641165_sHere are four ways that you can work with us Sales Verification Company to lower your costs and get a bigger bang for your buck:

Try automated solutions
Automated third party verification services are a great way to go when you are on a tight budget. Our system gives you the ability to take advantage of volume pricing, with no call minimums and no monthly fees or setup charges. If you are uncertain about how much traction you’ll get on a new product, our automated solution might be the perfect fit.

Take Advantage of Tracking Systems
At Sales Verifications, we constantly strive to create a more efficient team. We can track key metrics which will allow you to identify trouble spots or tighten the script. We provide information on call length, hold times, dropped calls, verified calls, rejected sales, and more. Utilize our systems to find greater insights into your campaign.

Utilize our Logic Team
If you need to create a tighter script, utilize our years of TPV experience. Run your new script by our logic team and allow us to help you build a better script that can be delivered rapidly.

Get Talk Times Down and Verifications Up

We have a team of monitors who evaluate rejected calls and find patterns and areas of customer confusion. This feedback loop allows us to get the talk time down while increasing the number of verified calls. We work to optimize our client’s call times and grow the number of verified calls as a matter of course.

Here at Sales Verification Company, we work with clients on a budget every day. If you are interested in finding out how we can save you money while still providing you with excellent TPV services, contact us today.

‘TPV Ninja’ Provides Field Sales Teams Valuable Tool

Sales Verification Company, in partnership with software company Workware Solutions, have launched a game-changing TPV Web tool. Below is the press release.

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Sales Verification Company, a leading innovator in the third party verification industry, is proud to announce a dynamic, money-saving new product designed to dramatically streamline the verification process in the field.

Developed in partnership with Clearwater-based software company Workware Solutions, and licensed exclusively to Sales Verification Company, the “TPV Ninja” tool provides real-time results from door-to-door sales teams with unparalleled levels of security.

“TPV Ninja is a game-changer for the verification industry,” Sales Verification Company President Jono Lo Bue said. “Never before has there been a tool available to field sales teams that provides this level of convenience, security and savings of both time and money.”

TPV Ninja is a web-based application that field representatives can access through their own smart devices, eliminating the need for special hardware. The process is conducted through a simple data entry that generates an email or text link directly to the customer. The customer then answers a series of verification questions on their device and provides a wet signature that is sent back electronically through the client-specific portal in real-time. Verifications are archived as PDFs and can be retrieved immediately.

Safeguards include precise time stamps, geo-tagging of the order to verify customer addresses, and additional advanced anti-slamming protocols.

“The industry has been evolving toward a solution like this for several years,” Lo Bue said, “but nothing has succeeded like TPV Ninja. We’re very excited to pair this product with our live verification options and provide a full suite of products to suit any verification need.”

About Sales Verification Company: Sales Verification Company is located in Clearwater, Fla., and provides both live operator and automated TPV platforms. The company also provides a wide variety of sales integrity services including welcome calls, live monitoring and quality control outreach.

About Workware Solutions:
Workware Solutions is located in Clearwater, FL and is the leader in Web TPV software solutions designed specifically for the energy industry.